heart and magnifying glass

An Honest Look Inside

It’s hard when you get a glimpse of yourself

And realize how selfish you are.

You look a bit closer, and see horrid things

That looked rather fine from afar.

It’s hard to look inward, behind the facade,

And see something worse than you feared.

How grisly and nasty it looks in the light

Much uglier than it appeared.

Perhaps at the sight, you might want draw back

To deny that that really is you.

To claim that at heart, you aren’t really that bad,

That’s not something that you would do.

Perhaps you might want to run far, far away

Escaping that horrible sight.

Perhaps you might want to hide deep in the dark

Avoiding the unyielding light.

But if you are honest, and if you are brave,

You’ll have to admit it is true.

That there is a selfishness, hideous, dark,

That’s rooted deep down inside you.

Of course, you can only be honest and brave

If you know there’s healing and hope.

It’s hard to admit you are drowning in sin

If you can’t see the strong rescue rope.

But as the light shows up your flaws, don’t forget

The light comes from Someone who cares.

He has the power and pardon and peace

That can reach to your heart–even there.

And as you look inward, and see the dark core,

Don’t stop there, but look up to Him.

He can redeem any soul that is willing

And root out the deepest of sin.

Open your heart, and admit to your need,

And ask for His power and grace.

For as you look up and away from yourself

You’ll find freedom there in His face.

He will not fail to save you from yourself

If you’ll receive help from above.

And as you let go of myself, me, and I,

You’ll find your real self

In His love.


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