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Welcome to the poetry collection! Here you can find adventurous parables about knights and castles, introspective tales of the heart, and quiet moments between the King and I. Enjoy them!

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Latest Poetry

knight knocking on door

The Knight Who Handles Problems

I had a giant problem Such a tangle, and a mess. Big, and dark, and...
puzzle heart

The Great Surgeon

Lord, I would bow before You In humility of heart. Willing to be broken, And...
castle in the hills

The Castle

I know a special castle That is hidden safe from sight...


Sometimes I like to steal away to see the day begin; To feel the early...
heart and stethoscope

Healer of Hearts

The Healer of hearts is the best in the land. The One who can mend...
peaceful girl at sunrise looking at water

Casting All Your Cares

You tell me to cast All my burdens on You, And give them all up...
heart and magnifying glass

An Honest Look Inside

It’s hard when you get a glimpse of yourself And realize how selfish you are...
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