heart and stethoscope

Healer of Hearts

The Healer of hearts is the best in the land.

The One who can mend any soul. 

He knows how to comfort, and how to restore,

To make any broken one whole.

He is a Healer who knows every heart.

Every affliction of man.

And He has been working to mend and restore,

Ever since our world began.

Hearts that are crooked, and scarred by their sin,

He seeks to renew and relieve.

Hearts that are darkened with sorrow and doubt;

He bids them look up, and believe.

Hearts that are wounded, and hearts that are weak,

Hearts that are ugly with sin,

He can restore with the light of His love,

And give them new courage again.

Though we are fallen, and though we are sick,

The Healer won’t turn us away.

He has the power to change any heart,

And turn any night into day.

We cannot heal the disease of our hearts, 

Nor can we mend our own scars.

Yet the great Healer can make us His own,

Reaching us right where we are.

He is the Doctor to treat any ill,

He is the Comforter true.

He is the Surgeon to take away sin,

And He can make everything new.

Sometimes He gives us a sweet, soothing balm,

And sometimes He cuts with a knife.

But through every trial, and every dark hour,

He is restoring to life.

So let us trust Him, and offer our hearts,

To One who can save any soul.

we can give all to His merciful hand,

Knowing He’s making us whole.

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