castle in the hills

The Castle

I know a special castle
That is hidden safe from sight.

Tall stone walls and gateways,

And great windows, warm and bright.

Whenever I am frightened

Or I need a place to rest,

I know where I can run to–

Of all places, it’s the best.

For I know there’s a gracious King

Who rules there, full of power.

His name is my refuge,

And I find peace in His tower.

When I see my enemies, 

Or have a weary soul,

I can seek the hiding place

To recharge, and be whole.

There I walk the gardens,

And I taste the royal fruit.

There I hear the songs of joy,

The melody of flute.

There the Lord is gracious,

And He understands my heart.

He knows me and He loves me,

So we’re never far apart.

He will teach me wisdom

As I sit down at His feet.

There He teaches me to war,

And win a victory sweet.

Then I can go forth and work
With greater energy.

I keep the fortress in my sight,

Where I can turn to flee.

I want to tell the others

Where to find this place of peace.

I want to help them see the King,

So their joy can increase.

Then they can find a refuge,

From the sorrow and the strife.

There we can have liberty,

And find abundant life.

There is such a lovely Prince

Who calls each person in.

He opens up the doors to us,

And cleanses us from sin.

So that is why I love to go,

And seek this secret place.

There I find a Friend inside,

With kindness on His face.

And someday both the King and His

Will leave this place of war.

And He’ll take us to His palace
Where we’ll dwell forevermore.

Written July 24-25, 2018

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