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The Great Surgeon


I would bow before You

In humility of heart.

Willing to be broken,

And be taken all apart.

It’s difficult to say this,

For it feels a lot like dying.

But I am needy, sick at heart,

And weary of my trying.

Oh, how our human pride

Tries to escape this at all cost.

Fearing what You’ll tamper with 

And what things might be lost.

We fear to be so vulnerable 

To open up the soul.

We try to keep ourselves intact

Unbroken, strong, and whole.

But sometimes wellness has to come

After an operation.

We have to brave the knife 

That makes the way to restoration.

And so we have to trust the One

Who knows our every fear.

We have to look to Him in faith

And let Him draw us near.

You do not have to fear the One

Who holds the surgeon’s knife.

He gave His everything for us,

So we could have new life.

He will not make a single stroke 

That isn’t done in love,

That doesn’t work around for good,

With healing from above.

So let Him touch your heart of hearts

And reach your deepest place.

It will not hurt so much

If you are gazing at His face.

For what a sweet relief it is

To let Him cut away

The ugly growths that fester,

And the things that should not stay.

He will heal your deepest wounds

And make all things anew.

I know He does these things for me,

And so He can for you.

Believe His love, and trust His hand

That seeks to make you whole.

The greatest Surgeon in the world

Has never lost a soul.

Written 6/3/20

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